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    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Zambian(s).
    Population: Approx. 10 million.
    Annual growth rate: 2.3%.
    Ethnic groups: More than 70 ethnic groups.
    Religions: Christian, indigenous beliefs, Muslim, Hindu.
    Languages: English (official), about 70 local languages and dialects, including Bemba, Lozi, Kaounde, Lundu, Luvale, Tonga, and Nyanja.
    Education: Years compulsory--7. Attendance--Less than 50% in grades 1-7. Less than 20% of primary school graduates are admitted to secondary school. Literacy--67.2%.
    Health: Infant mortality rate--95/1,000. Life expectancy--35 years (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2002).
    Work force: Agriculture--85%; industry and commerce--15%.

    People of Zambia
    Zambia's population comprises more than 70 Bantu-speaking ethnic groups. Some ethnic groups are small, and only two have enough people to constitute at least 10% of the population. Most Zambians are subsistence farmers. The predominant religion is a blend of traditional beliefs and Christianity.

    Expatriates, mostly British (about 15,000) or South African, live mainly in Lusaka and in the Copperbelt in northern Zambia, where they are employed in mines and related activities. Zambia also has a small but economically important Asian population, most of whom are Indians. The country is 42% urban.


  • Zambia Geography
  • Zambia Government
  • Zambia Economy
  • Zambia History