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    Nationality: Noun--Turk(s). Adjective--Turkish.
    Population (2003): 68.1 million.
    Annual growth rate: 7.8%.
    Ethnic groups: Turkish, Kurdish, other.
    Religions: Muslim 98%, Christian, Bahai and Jewish.
    Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek.
    Education: Years compulsory--. Attendance--95%. Literacy--86.5%.
    Health: Infant mortality rate--39.4/1,000. Life expectancy68.5 yrs.
    Work force (23 million): agriculture--35.6%; industry--17.5%; services--42.2%.

    People of Turkey
    Modern Turkey spans bustling cosmopolitan centers, pastoral farming villages, barren wastelands, peaceful Aegean coastlines, and steep mountain regions. More than half of Turkey's population lives in urban areas that juxtapose Western lifestyles with traditional-style mosques and markets.

    Turkey has been officially secular since 1924, although 98% of the population is Muslim. Most Turkish Muslims belong to the Sunni branch of Islam, but a significant number are Alevi Muslims. The appeal of political Islam and the Kurdish insurgency continue to fuel public debate on several aspects of Turkish society, including the role of religion, the necessity for human rights protections, and the expectation of security. Turks of Kurdish origin constitute an ethnic and linguistic group. Estimates of their population range up to 12 million.

    source: http://www.state.gov

  • Turkey Geography
  • Turkey Government
  • Turkey Economy
  • Turkey History