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    Nationality: Noun--Surinamer(s). Adjective--Surinamese.
    Population (2001): 441,356.
    Annual growth rate (2003): 1.3%.
    Ethnic groups: Hindustani (East Indian) 37%, Creole 31%, Javanese 15%, Bush Negro 10%, Amerindians 3%, Chinese 1.7% (percentages date from 1972 census, the last in which ethnicity data was collected).
    Religions: Hindu, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Moravian, several other Christian denominations, Jewish, Baha'i.
    Languages: Dutch (official), English, Sranan Tongo (Creole language), Hindustani, Javanese.
    Education: Years compulsory--ages 6-12. Literacy--90%. Health: Infant mortality rate (2000)--27.1/1,000. Life expectancy (2000)--70.7 yrs.
    Work force (100,000): Government--35%; private sector--41%; parastatal companies--10%; unemployed--14%.

    People of Suriname
    Most Surinamers live in the narrow, northern coastal plain. The population is one of the most ethnically varied in the world. Each ethnic group preserves its own culture and many institutions, including political parties, tend to follow ethnic lines. Informal relationships vary: the upper classes of all ethnic backgrounds mix freely; outside of the elite, social relations tend to remain within ethnic groupings. All groups may be found in the schools and workplace.


  • Suriname Geography
  • Suriname Government
  • Suriname Economy
  • Suriname History