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Solomon Islands People

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    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Solomon Islander(s).
    Population (2003): 509,190 (43.4% under age 15).
    Annual growth rate: 2.83%.
    Ethnic groups (2002): Melanesian 93%, Polynesian 4%, Micronesian 1.5%, other 1.5%.
    Religions: Christian 95%--more than one-third Anglican (Archdiocese of Melanesia), Roman Catholic 19%, South Sea Evangelical 17%, United Church (Methodist) 11%, Seventh-day Adventist 10%.
    Languages: English (official); about 120 vernaculars, including Solomon Islands pidgin.
    Education (2002): Years compulsory--none. Attendance--85% primary school; 14% secondary school. Adult literacy--64%.
    Health (2002): Infant mortality rate--24/1,000. Life expectancy--71.8 yrs.
    Work force (264,900, 2002): Agriculture--75%. Industry and commerce--5%. Services--20%.

    People of the Solomon Islands
    The Solomon Islanders comprise diverse cultures, languages, and customs. Of its 496,000 persons, 93.3% are Melanesian, 4% Polynesian, and 1.5% Micronesian. In addition, small numbers of Europeans and Chinese are registered. About 120 vernaculars are spoken.

    Most people reside in small, widely dispersed settlements along the coasts. Sixty percent live in localities with fewer than 200 persons, and only 10% reside in urban areas.

    The capital city of Honiara, situated on Guadalcanal, the largest island, has over 30,000 inhabitants. The other principal towns are Gizo, Auki, and Kirakira.

    Most Solomon Islanders are Christian, with the Anglican, Roman Catholic, South Seas Evangelical, and Seventh-day Adventist faiths predominating. About 5% of the population maintain traditional beliefs.


  • Solomon Islands Geography
  • Solomon Islands Government
  • Solomon Islands Economy
  • Solomon Islands History