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    Population: 2,022,547 (2003 census preliminary data).
    Growth rate (2001 est.): 0.43%.
    Ethnic groups: Macedonian 64.18%, Albanian 25.17%, Turkish 3.85%, Roma 2.66%, Serb 1.78%. (2003 census).
    Religions: Eastern Orthodox 65%, Muslim 29%, Catholic 4% and others 2%.
    Languages: Macedonian 70%, Albanian 21%, Turkish 3%, Serbo-Croatian 3%, and others 3%.
    Education: Years compulsory--8. Literacy--94.6%.
    Health (2001 est): Infant mortality rate--12.95 deaths/per 1,000 live births. Life expectancy--males 71.79 years; females 76.43 years.
    Work force (824,824): Employed 561,341: services--31.3%; industry and commerce--44.9%; agriculture--23.8%

    People of Macedonia
    Since the end of the Second World War, Macedonia's population has grown steadily, with the greatest increases occurring in the ethnic Albanian community. From 1953 through the time of the latest official census in 2002 (initial official results were released December 2003), the percentage of Albanians living in Macedonia rose 313%. The western part of the country, where most ethnic Albanians live, is the most heavily populated, with approximately 40% of the total population. As the population grew, more people moved into the cities in search of employment. Comparing 1948 census results to the 1994 recording, the urban population grew from 28.7% to 58.4% of the population.


  • Macedonia Geography
  • Macedonia Government
  • Macedonia Economy
  • Macedonia History