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    Nationality: Noun--Macanese (sing. and pl.).
    Population (July 2003 est.): 469,903.
    Population growth rate (2003 est.): 1.72%.
    Ethnic groups: Chinese 95%, Portuguese 3%.
    Religions: Buddhist 45%, Roman Catholic 9%.
    Languages: In 1992, the government gave the Chinese (Cantonese) language official status and the same legal force as Portuguese, the official language.
    Education: Literacy--95%.
    Work force: Industry and commerce--68%; services--12%; agriculture and fishing--9%.

    People of Macau
    Macau's population is 95% Chinese, primarily Cantonese and some Hakka, both from nearby Guangdong Province. The remainder are of Portuguese or mixed Chinese-Portuguese ancestry. The official languages are Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese). English is spoken in tourist areas. Macau has only one university (University of Macau); most of its 7,700 students are from Hong Kong.


  • Macau Geography
  • Macau Government
  • Macau Economy
  • Macau History