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    People of Kazakhstan
    Nationality: Kazakhstani.
    Population (2002): 14.8 million--down from 16.2 million in 1989; second most-populated country in Central Asia.
    Population distribution: 56.4% of population lives in urban areas.
    Twenty-six cities had approximate populations of more than 50,000 in 1999--Astana (capital) more than 450,000, Almaty (former capital) 1.2 million, Karaganda 440,000, Shymkent 370,000, Taraz 340,000, Ust-Kamenogorsk 310,000, Pavlodar 300,000.
    Population growth rate (2002 est.): 0.01%; largescale emigration of ethnic Russians, Germans, and Ukrainians accounts for most of the population decrease since 1989.
    Population density: 9.3 people per sq. mi. (U.S. density 1990: 70.3 people per sq. mi.).
    Ethnic groups (2002): 55.8% Kazakh, 28.3% Russian, 3.3%, Ukrainian, 2.6% Uzbek, 1.8% German, 1.5% Uyghur, 5.0% other.
    Religion: 47% Sunni Muslim, 44% Russian Orthodox, 2%, Protestant, 7% other. Language: Kazakhstan is a bilingual country. Kazakh language has the status of the "state" language, while Russian is declared the "official" language. Russian is used routinely in business. 64.4% of population speaks the Kazakh language.
    Health (2001): Infant mortality rate--19.6/1,000. Life expectancy--65.6 years (male 60.2 yrs.; female 71.1 yrs.). Health care--34.6 doctors and 74.4 hospital beds per 10,000 persons.
    Education: Mandatory universal secondary education. School system consists of kindergarten, primary school (grades 1-4), secondary school (grades 5-9) and high school (grades 10-11). Literacy rate--98.8. Work force (2001, 8.85 million): Industry--30%; agriculture--20%; services--50%.

    source: http://www.state.gov

  • Kazakhstan Geography
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