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Guinea People

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    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Guinean(s).
    Population (2002 census): 8,444,559, including refugees and foreign residents. Refugee population (June 2002 est.): 180,000-200,000 Liberians and Sierra Leoneans.
    Cities: Conakry (pop. 2 million). Population of largest prefectures--Guéckédou (487,017), Boké (366,915), Kindia (361,117), N'Zérékoré (328,347), Macenta (365,559).
    Annual growth rate (2002 census): 3.5%.
    Ethnic groups: Peuhl 40%, Malinke 30%, Soussou 20%, other ethnic groups 10%.
    Religions: Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, traditional beliefs 7%.
    Languages: French (official), national languages.
    Education: Years compulsory--8. Enrollment--primary school, 53.5% (male 67%, female 40%); secondary, 15%; and post secondary, 3%. Literacy (Total population over age 15 that can read and write, 1996 est.)--36% (male 50%, female 22%).
    Health (2002 World Bank): Life expectancy--total population 54 years. Infant mortality rate (2002 World Bank)--90/1000.
    Work force (2002 Minister of Plan--4.5 million): Agriculture--76%; industry and commerce--18%; services--6%.

    People of Guinea
    Guinea has four main ethnic groups:

    Peuhl (Foula or Foulani), who inhabit the mountainous Fouta Djallon;
    Malinke (or Mandingo), in the savannah and forest regions;
    Soussous in the coastal areas; and
    Several small groups (Gerzé, Toma, etc.) in the forest region.
    West Africans make up the largest non-Guinean population. Non-Africans total about 10,000 (mostly Lebanese, French, and other Europeans). Seven national languages are used extensively; major written languages are French, Peuhl, and Arabic.


  • Guinea Geography
  • Guinea Government
  • Guinea Economy
  • Guinea History