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Grenada People

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    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Grenadian(s).
    Population (1999 est.): 100,700.
    Annual growth rate (1999): 8.2%.
    Ethnic groups: African descent (82%), some South Asians (East Indians) and Europeans, trace Arawak/Carib Indian.
    Religions: Roman Catholic, Anglican, various Protestant denominations. Languages: English (official).
    Education: Years compulsory--6. Literacy--95% of adult population.
    Health: Infant mortality rate--16.2/1,000. Life expectancy--72 yrs.
    Work force (1999 , 41,017): Services/tourism--50.1%; industry--23.9%; agriculture--13.8%; other--12.2%; unemployment (1999)--14%.

    People of Grenada
    Most of Grenada's population is of African descent; there is some trace of the early Arawak and Carib Indians. A few East Indians and a small community of the descendants of early European settlers reside in Grenada. About 50% of Grenada's population is under the age of 30. English is the official language; only a few people still speak French patois. A more significant reminder of Grenada's historical link with France is the strength of the Roman Catholic Church to which about 60% of Grenadians belong. The Anglican Church is the largest Protestant denomination.


  • Grenada Geography
  • Grenada Government
  • Grenada Economy
  • Grenada History