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    People Statistics
    Nationality: Noun and adjective--Andorran(s).
    Population: 69,150 (2003).
    Annual growth rate: 1.06%
    Ethnic groups: Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese.
    Religion: Roman Catholic.
    Languages: Catalan (official), Spanish, French, Portuguese.
    Education: Years compulsory--to age 16; Attendance--100%; literacy--100%.
    Health: Infant mortality rate--4.06/1,000; life expentancy--81 yrs. male, 87 yrs. female.

    Andorrans live in seven valleys that form Andorra's political districts between France and northeast Spain. Andorrans are a minority in their own country; Spanish, French, and Portuguese citizens make up 64.01% of the population.

    The national language is Catalan, a romance language related to the Provenšal group. French and Spanish also are spoken.

    Education law requires school attendance for children up to age 16. A system of French, Spanish, and Andorran public schools provide education up to the secondary level. Schools are built and maintained by Andorran authorities, but teachers are paid for the most part by France or Spain. About 50% of Andorran children attend the French primary schools; the rest attend Spanish or Andorran schools. Andorran schools follow the Spanish curriculum, and their diplomas are recognized by the Spanish education system. In July 1997, the University of Andorra was established. Due to its small student body, the University of Andorra is unable to develop a full academic program, and it serves principally as a center for virtual studies, connected to Spanish and French universities. There are two graduate schools in Andorra--the Nursing School and the School of Computer Science.


  • Andorra Geography
  • Andorra Government
  • Andorra Economy
  • Andorra History