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Nauru Government

Browse the listing below to find government information for Nauru, including flags, leaders, and constitution information. Factrover also has complete information on Nauru at its Nauru Country Page.

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    Type: Republic.
    Constitution: 1968.
    Independence: January 31, 1968.
    Branches: Executive--president and cabinet.
    Legislative--unicameral Parliament. Judicial--Supreme Court, Appellate Court, District Court, and Family Court.
    Administrative subdivisions: 14 districts.
    Political parties: Democratic Party, Naoero Amo (Nauru First) Party.
    Central government budget (1999 est.): $37.2 million.
    Suffrage: Universal at age 20.

    Government of Nauru
    The country is governed by a unicameral Parliament consisting of 18 members elected at least triennially from 14 constituencies. Parliament elects the president, who is both chief of state and head of government, from among its members. The president appoints a Cabinet from among Parliament.

    For its size, Nauru has a complex legal system. The Supreme Court, headed by the Chief Justice of Nauru, is paramount on constitutional issues, but other cases can be appealed to the two-judge Appellate Court. Parliament cannot overturn court decisions, but Appellate Court rulings can be appealed to Australia's High Court; in practice, however, this rarely happens. Lower courts consist of the District Court and the Family Court, both of which are headed by a Resident Magistrate, who also is the Registrar of the Supreme Court. Finally, there also are two quasi-courts--the Public Service Appeal Board and the Police Appeal Board--both of which are presided over by the Chief Justice.

    There are no armed forces, although there is a small police force (less than 100 members) under civilian control.


  • Nauru People
  • Nauru Geography
  • Nauru Economy
  • Nauru History