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    Type: Republic.
    Independence: December 12, 1963.
    Constitution: 1963.
    Branches: Executive--president (chief of state, head of government, commander in chief of armed forces). Legislative--unicameral National Assembly (parliament). Judicial--Court of Appeal, High Court, various lower courts.
    Administrative subdivisions: 69 districts, joined to form 7 rural provinces. Nairobi area has special status.
    Political parties: Registered political parties, 41. Ruling party, Kenya African National Union. Suffrage: Universal at 18.

    Government of Kenya
    The unicameral assembly consists of 210 members elected to a term of up to 5 years from single-member constituencies, plus 12 members nominated by political parties on a proportional representation basis. The president appoints the vice president and cabinet members from among those elected to the assembly. The attorney general and the speaker are exofficio members of the National Assembly.

    The judiciary is headed by a High Court, consisting of a chief justice and High Court judges and judges of Kenya's Court of Appeal (no associate judges), all appointed by the president.

    Local administration is divided among 69 rural districts, each headed by a presidentially appointed commissioner. The districts are joined to form seven rural provinces. The Nairobi area has special status and is not included in any district or province. The government supervises administration of districts and provinces.


  • Kenya People
  • Kenya Geography
  • Kenya Economy
  • Kenya History