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    Type: Parliamentary republic.
    Independence: 1830.
    Constitution: June 11, 1975, amended March 1986, April 2001.
    Branches: Executive--president (head of state), prime minister (head of government). Legislative--300-seat unicameral Vouli (parliament). Judicial--Supreme Court. Council of State.
    Political parties: Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), New Democracy (ND), Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Coalition of the Left (SYNASPISMOS), Democratic Social Movement (DIKKI), Political Spring, and Movement of Free Citizens (KEP).
    Suffrage: Universal at 18.
    Administrative subdivisions: 13 peripheries (regional districts), 51 nomi (prefectures).

    Government of Greece
    Preparations for the 2004 Games continue, and are overseen by Yianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki, who was appointed president of the Athens Olympic Organizing Committee (ATHOC) by Prime Minister Simitis. Olympic security, infrastructure projects, accommodations, and volunteer involvement are the focus of Games organizers and government officials' efforts. This is a crucial year for Olympics preparations, and the city remains under the scrutiny of International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials to ensure that the 29 venues and crucial transportation and other infrastructure projects are completed on time.

    Until August 2004, Athens will continue to be transformed by projects such as the Attiki Odos (a ring road designed to reduce traffic in the congested capital), extensions of the suburban metro and train lines, and the creation of tram lines. There also are plans for beautification projects in the capital and measures aimed at increasing accessibility for the disabled before the Games.


  • Greece People
  • Greece Geography
  • Greece Economy
  • Greece History