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    Type: Federal Republic.
    Constitution: Ratified 1994.
    Branches: Executive--President, Council of State, Council of Ministers. Executive power resides with the prime minister. Legislative--bicameral parliament. Judicial--divided into Federal and Regional Courts.
    Administrative subdivisions: 10 regions.
    Political parties: Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and 50 other registered parties, most of which are small and ethnically based.
    Suffrage: Universal.
    Central government budget: $1.76 billion.
    Defense: $350 million (5.6% FY 2002).
    National holiday: May 28.
    Flag: Green, yellow and red horizontal stripes from top to bottom, with gold five-pointed star and rays on a blue circular background.


  • Ethiopia People
  • Ethiopia Geography
  • Ethiopia Economy
  • Ethiopia History