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Barbados Government

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    Type: Parliamentary democracy; independent sovereign state within the Commonwealth.
    Independence: November 30, 1966.
    Constitution: 1966.
    Branches: Executive--governor general (representing Queen Elizabeth II, head of state), prime minister (head of government), cabinet. Legislative--bicameral Parliament.
    Judicial--magistrate's courts, Supreme Court (High Court and Court of Appeals), privy council in London.
    Subdivisions: Eleven parishes and the city of Bridgetown.
    Political parties: Barbados Labor Party (BLP, incumbent), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), National Democratic Party (NDP).
    Suffrage: Universal at 18.

    Barbados Government:
    The three political parties--the Barbados Labor Party (BLP), the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), and the semi-defunct National Democratic Party (NDP)--are all moderate and have no major ideological differences; electoral contests and political disputes often have personal overtones. The major political problems facing Barbados today are in promoting economic growth: creating jobs, encouraging agricultural diversification, attracting foreign investment, and promoting tourism.

    The ruling BLP was decisively returned to power in May 2003 elections, winning 23 seats in the Parliament with the DLP gaining seven seats. The Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, who also serves as Minister of Finance and Minister of Culture, has given a high priority to economic development and diversification. The main opposition party, the DLP, is led by Sen. Clyde Mascoll, who was elected President of the DLP in 2001, as part of a party reorganization.


  • Barbados People
  • Barbados Geography
  • Barbados Economy
  • Barbados History