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Togo Geography

The information below contains geography information for Togo, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Togo Country Page for additional resources.

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    Area: 56,785 sq. km.; slightly smaller than West Virginia.
    Cities: Capital (pop. 2000 est.) Lome--900,000.
    Terrain: Savannah and hills and coastal plain.
    Climate: Tropical.

    Geography of Togo
    Togo is bounded by Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, and the Gulf of Guinea. It stretches 579 kilometers (360 mi.) north from the gulf and is only 160 kilometers (100 mi.) wide at the broadest point. The country consists primarily of two savanna plains regions separated by a southwest-northwest range of hills (the Chaine du Togo).

    Togo's climate varies from tropical to savanna. The south is humid, with temperatures ranging from 23oC to 32oC (75oF to 90oF). In the north, temperature fluctuations are greater-from 18oC to more than 38oC (65oF-100oF).