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Slovakia Geography

The information below contains geography information for Slovakia, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Slovakia Country Page for additional resources.

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    Geography of Slovakia
    Area: 48, 845 sq. km. (about twice the size of New Hampshire).
    Land boundaries (total): 1,355 km. Austria 91 km.; Czech Republic 215 km.; Hungary 515 km.; Poland 444 km.; Ukraine 0 km.
    Cities: Capital--Bratislava.
    Terrain: Landlocked with high mountains in the north, low mountains in the center, hills to the west, Danube River basin in the south.
    Climate: Temperate; average temperature in January 26.5F; in July 68F. Annual precipitation 24"-40."
    Elevation: Lowest point, Bodrok River 94 m. Highest point, Gerlachovsky Stit 2,655 m.