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Kuwait Geography

The information below contains geography information for Kuwait, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Kuwait Country Page for additional resources.

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    Geography of Kuwait
    Area: 17,820 sq. km. (6,880 sq. mi.); approximately the size of the State of New Jersey.
    Cities: Capital -- Kuwait City, pop. (2002 est.) 413,170. Other cities --Ahmadi, Jahra, Fahaheel.
    Terrain: Almost entirely flat desert plain (highest elevation point--306 m).
    Climate: Summers are intensely hot and dry with average highs ranging from 42o-46oC (108o-115oF); winters are short (Dec.-Feb.) and cool, averaging 10o-30oC (50o-80oF), with limited rain.
    source: http://www.state.gov