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Kenya Geography

The information below contains geography information for Kenya, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Kenya Country Page for additional resources.

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    Area: 582,646 sq. km. (224,960 sq mi.); slightly smaller than Texas.
    Cities: Capital--Nairobi (pop. 2.1 million). Other cities--Mombasa (665,000), Kisumu (504,000), Nakuru (1.2 million).
    Terrain: Kenya rises from a low coastal plain on the Indian Ocean in a series of mountain ridges and plateaus which stand above 3,000 meters (9,000 ft.) in the center of the country. The Rift Valley bisects the country above Nairobi, opening up to a broad arid plain in the north. Mountain plains cover the south before descending to the shores of Lake Victoria in the west.
    Climate: Varies from the tropical south, west, and central regions to arid and semi-arid in the north and the northeast.