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Fiji Geography

The information below contains geography information for Fiji, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Fiji Country Page for additional resources.

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    Area: 18,376 sq. km (7,056 sq. mi.).
    Cities: Capital--Suva (pop. 167,000), Lautoka (pop. 30,000), Nadi.
    Terrain: Mountainous or varied.
    Climate: Tropical maritime.

    Fiji Geography
    Fiji comprises a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific lying about 4,450 km. (2,775 mi.) southwest of Honolulu and 1,770 km. (1,100 mi.) north of New Zealand. Its 322 islands range in size from the large--Viti Levu (about the size of the "Big Island" of Hawaii, and where Suva and 70% of the population are located) and Vanua Levu--to much smaller islands, of which just over 100 are inhabited. The larger islands contain mountains as high as 1,200 meters (4,000 ft.) rising abruptly from the shore.

    Heavy rains--up to 304 cm. (120 in.) annually--fall on the windward (southeastern) side, covering these sections of the islands with dense tropical forest. Lowlands on the western portions of each of the main islands are sheltered by the mountains and have a well-marked dry season favorable to crops such as sugarcane.