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Belize Geography

The information below contains geography information for Belize, including climate, weather, cities, and area information. You can also check out the Belize Country Page for additional resources.

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    Area: 22,923 sq. km. (8,867 sq. mi.); slightly larger than Massachusetts.
    Cities: Capital--Belmopan (2000 pop. est. 8,305) Other cities and towns--Belize City (54,125), Corozal (8,075), Orange Walk (13,795), San Ignacio & Santa Elena (13,545), Dangriga (9.020), Punta Gorda (4,425) and San Pedro (4,965).
    Terrain: Flat and swampy coastline, low mountains in interior.
    Climate: Subtropical (dry and wet seasons). Hot and humid. Rainfall ranges from 60 inches in the north to 200 inches in the south annually.